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dynaCERT Removes Over 55 Million Shares from Circulation, Facility Expansion Ready, and Third Party Validation Report Imminent



NEW YORK, NY, September 30, 2016 /Sector Newswire/ - dynaCERT Inc. (TSX-V: DYA) (US Listing: DYFSF) this week announced that certain major shareholders including directors of the company have entered into a formal strategic Voluntary Lock-Up Agreement for a total of over 55,000,000 shares for a term of 180 days, effectively removing the shares from circulation/float and demonstrating extreme confidence in prospects for the Company and its technology on the cusp of it receiving government sanctioning & 3rd-party validation. The company also this week confirmed that on October 1, 2016, it will take possession of a newly built out (~8,000 square foot) facility expansion designed for a monthly capacity of 2,000 units per eight-hour shift for the assembly of the HydraGen™ units.  Full copy of the Company's most recent (September 29, 2016) news release may be viewed here.


dynaCERT at the Forefront of New Trillion Dollar Carbon Credit Market


National carbon pricing is coming this year in Canada along with other climate change initiatives in the USA, and dynaCERT Inc. is uniquely positioned to excel at the opportunity, expected to be the first able to provide immediate and affordable government sanctioned solutions to business. Currently trading near 20 cents Canadian per share DYA.V presents tremendous opportunity; analyst Jay Taylor of Hard Money Advisors earlier this year had a ~$1.40/share near-term price target for once the Company begins generating meaningful cash flow – it appears that time is now fast approaching. With dynaCERT’s facility expansion set to come online operationally this October-2016, the release of a new smart-ECU that can track carbon credits from its proprietary emission reduction and fuel saving technology, and the release of a government approved third party validation report expected imminently, we believe DYA.V will trade significantly higher before the 2016 year is out. Additionally, the Company has recently attracted highly-accomplished talent whose caliber usually only associates itself with high-growth success stories.


Canada’s Environment Minister Catherine McKenna stated this summer that Canada will have a national price on carbon emissions by the end of this year. The federal government is expected to publish an emissions reduction plan this fall that could include expanded, standardized emissions disclosure requirements for companies. Similarly in the USA, a task force was launched last year by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney to create voluntary financial risk disclosure guidelines for investors as more companies transition to a low carbon economy. In a speech to Toronto’s financial community last month at the Toronto Board of Trade, Mark Carney, said given the enormous funding needs for clean infrastructure – he estimated at somewhere between $5 trillion and $7 trillion a year – investment opportunities will abound. Carney stated it will be up to capital markets on whether they recognize that opportunity and get involved; “If we get carbon disclosure right, the relative value opportunity in equities is considerable.”  He further stated “(Carbon pricing) is the cleanest way for markets to judge the tangible exposure to climate change”.


dynaCERT Inc. is increasingly demonstrating Tesla-like potential as it advances its proprietary HydragenTM H2/O2 technology on two fronts, both with potential to change the world for the better, helping slow climate change, and handsomely reward shareholders. Additionally, like Tesla, dynaCERT is advancing development and testing of its technology with grants from the government (translation: no shareholder dilution). dynaCERT's unique hydrogen production technology is ubiquitous in nature and can be applied to improving applications in numerous industries.


Currently the Company is documenting via an accredited 3rd-party validation process the dramatic effectiveness of its flagship carbon emission reduction and fuel-saving H2/O2 technology -- the potential for investors is tremendous as the solutions the Company provides are enormous and global in scale. An Ontario University facility was engaged by dynaCERT in cooperation with the government to verify what the Company has already demonstrated on diesel engines in the field; a proven reduction of toxic gasses within the emissions by 30% to 40% all while improving fuel economy of ~10% to 15%. The lab is also tasked with helping to establishing the carbon-credits that businesses qualify for by purchasing and employing the technology.


On August 25, 2016 the Company provided an operational update and stated "Third Party Testing: As required by the Ontario Government's requirement for a validation process to ensure qualification under any of the Provincial or Federal Government's programs, an extensive schedule of third party testing was undertaken to validate and determine proper flow rates of its flagship HydraGen™ product for Class 8 trucks. These tests were completed at the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology, a facility deemed an "Automotive Centre of Excellence" for both fuel savings and Carbon Emission Reductions. Two different Class 8 trucks with HydraGen™ units were placed on a Chassis dynamometer which produced extensive readings for various emissions and fuel efficacy. These tests provided over 550 pages of valuable data. The Company, along with third party engineers, are reviewing and analyzing the data. A formal report will be completed soon."  Also in the update the Company commented on facility expansion: "dynaCERT is scheduled to occupy the approximately 8,000 sq. ft. lease expansion facility on October 1, 2016. The lease payments will commence on possession date. This facility is designed with a monthly capacity of 2,000 units per eight hour shift for the assembly of the HydraGen™ units."


dynaCERT on track to excel this Fall-2016 and is attracting highly-accomplished talent to reflect this: With the facility expansion set to come online operationally this October 1, the release of a new smart-ECU that can track carbon credits, and the release of a third party validation report imminent, we expect DYA.V to trade significantly higher before the year is out. Important to note is the August 29, 2016 addition of Mr. David Bridge as Chief Operating Officer to dynaCERT's ranks, this appointment demonstrates the exceptional level of talent willing to associate itself with dynaCERT at the cusp of inflection, such caliber usually only associates itself with high-growth success stories -- here is an excerpt of his CV "Mr. Bridge has an extensive background in managing technology operations and multi-million dollar corporate ventures. He is an accomplished leader with extensive knowledge of restructuring and streamlining IT to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Mr. Bridge has held several senior IT positions with major firms for the past 25 years as well as successfully led teams at AMD, RBC Financials, Virgin Mobile and Blackberry. As the senior IT leader, he helped Virgin Mobile in Canada expand from a start-up to a key competitor in the Telecommunications sector. In his most recent position at Blackberry as a Director of Infrastructure, Architecture and Engineering, he led a high performance team that designed and supported large scale enterprise wide systems."


On a newer second front, dynaCERT is targeting 'off-grid' energy solutions


dynaCERT is positioning itself to become a world leader in research and development of hydrogen based technology solutions and is achieving this through non-dilutive government funding. Falling costs in solar, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and fuel cells are at a point in time whereby the confluence of all three technologies into an affordable, viable, coordinated fashion is a technology whose time is here to ‘cut-the-cord’ for potentially millions of homes in the future and offer standalone solutions.


Grid-Parity is a term that means it costs the same (or less) for an alternative energy source (e.g. solar) to generate electricity than to purchase power from the traditional power grid in a given location.


A report from market analysis firm GTM Research states that, thanks to falling costs and increased efficiencies, rooftop solar on its own has reached grid parity in 20 U.S. states, and 42 states should reach that milestone by 2020 under ‘business-as-usual’ conditions. Currently, solar energy accounts for less than 1% of global electricity production. But by 2050, some experts think it will account for 40%. Similarly, equivalent technological improvements and economies of scale are associated with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells. Fuel cell technology is now at a point where in the near future, fuel cells are expected to increasingly replace conventional furnaces and electrical power utility reliance, providing homes and offices with heat and electricity, free from the disruptions associated with the utility's electric grid. Each technology on its own has limitations, however dynaCERT is developing a combined coordinated smart-system.


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