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News Release - April 13, 2018 4:20 PM ET 



dynaCERT receives prestigious Gold Medal of the 2018 Edison Best New Product Award for its HydraGEN™ Technology

  • dynaCERT Inc. HydraGENTM HG1 technology increases fuel-savings up to 19.2%, reduces greenhouse gases ~50%, reduces particulate matter ~65%, creates a cleaner burn (significantly reducing carbon fouling), reduces diesel emission fluid use by ~30%, increases torque, and extends engine oil life. The technology has the potential to make a profound impact on a global scale towards healthy/breathable air. dynaCERT will be having its 'Official Launch' of its HydraGEN™ at TRUCKWORLD 2018 trade show in Toronto on April 19-21, 2018.

NEW YORK, NY, April 13, 2018 /Sector Newswire/ - dynaCERT Inc. (TSX-V: DYA) (OTC: DYFSF) (Frankfurt: DMJ) this week was the recipient of a top Gold Award in 2018 Edison Awards for Vehicle Advancements - Best New Product Award for its HydraGEN™ technology, finalists were chosen as the "best of the best" by 3,000 of the world's top senior business executives, academics, and innovation professionals. dynaCERT’s invention is chosen as the top winner for Vehicle Advancements among contenders in the Energy & Sustainability category. Since 1987, the Edison Awards™ have recognized and honored some of the most innovative new products, services and business leaders in the world. The Edison Best New Product Awards™ is an annual competition honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design, and innovation. The competition is open to innovative organizations across the globe. The Edison Awards are focused on the innovators as much as the innovations – a unique distinction in the world of award programs. According to the Edison Awards™, Award winners represent "game changing" products and services, as well as excellence and leadership in innovation around four criteria: Concept, Value, Delivery, and Impact. An Edison Award represents significant value to the award winner and to the cause of innovation and highlights the strong marketing value of an unbiased 3rd-party endorsement. The Awards are named after Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) whose extraordinary new product and market development methods garnered him 1,093 U.S. patents and made him a household name across the world.


The Edison Awards has various categories, past winners of note include Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX), Steve Jobs (Apple Inc.), Paul E. Jacobs (Qualcomm), Susan Hockfield (MIT).  The full list of 2018 categories and winners may be viewed at online.


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dynaCERT was also recently the subject of an Advisory from Analyst Jay Taylor of Hard Money Advisors. The full advisory is available at online.


Excerpt from Jay Taylor’s Advisory:


Two factors keep me very interested in this company’s shares. First is the size of the markets and secondly the really hefty gross profit margins per unit. As this company scales up production, assuming profit margin metrics hold up, it’s really difficult to see how shareholders won’t enjoy a huge upside from the company’s current share price.

Source: Analyst Jay Taylor of Hard Money Advisors

dynaCERT Inc. (Toronto-DYA/USOTC-DYFSF; 246,108,921 shares @ US$0.28 = US$69 million market cap) – Having picked up this stock 1˝ years ago at US$0.38, the performance of dynaCERT can only be described as lackluster at best. Anytime a new technology is introduced to a market, it is bound to encounter some resistance, so the up’s and down’s displayed in the chart on your left should be no surprise. In addition, the company was hurt badly early in 2017 by non-functioning electronics from a supplier, for which management has filed a claim in Ontario Superior Court for damages in the amount of C$47.7 million to recover costs, lost revenue, and damages associated with non-functioning electronics.


Even if the company receives the C$47.7 million it seeks through litigation, that won’t compensate for lost time in moving the company forward in its business plan. However, as the various operating kinks are worked out, I continue to believe the company will start to gain some very significant traction in sales and profits. I say that simply because of the HydraGEN™ Technology’s ability to significantly reduce fuel consumption as well as its ability to reduce pollutants.


What is significant now is that the company has support from respected mainstream industry institutions like the PIT Group, which tested the company’s HG1 HydraGEN™ Technology in November 2017. This product is fitted on to medium to large diesel truck engines. According to management, "The results of the PIT Group tests indicated a 5.9% improvement in fuel economy and between 46.1% to 50% reduction in carbon monoxide, total hydrocarbons and NOx. “These results simply cannot be ignored by such a major industry as Canadian trucking,” The company has been marketing its technology in India and Europe in addition to North America. The markets for its various products are huge and there is no other technology on the market today that can compete as far as I know. To some extent the appeal may depend on environmental legislation in various jurisdictions but the 5.9% fuel economy over the life of a truck engine provides an economic reason to acquire this product, irrespective of emissions related legislation.


Actually, the markets for dynaCERT’s HG2 HydraGEN™ Technology are even larger than for the HG1 product. The HG2 series are smaller in size and are targeted for the refrigerated trailer market with engines up to 2.5 Litre displacement. The HG2 units are also applicable to mobile construction equipment, class 2 – 5 delivery trucks and smaller stationary generators. This market size represents approximately 20 million applications in North America and similar sized market opportunities in each of the European and Asian markets. DynaCERT is finalizing performance testing on the HG2 HydraGEN™ series and has developed two models for commercial release during the second quarter of this year.


Production and Growing Capacity - Production of the different HG1 series models is underway with the current capacity to build HG1 units at 6,000 units per month. Production of the HG2 series models is soon to be operational and dynaCERT is expecting to receive the specialized robotic laser-welding equipment that is being manufactured in Germany to facilitate production. Future capacity to produce HG2 units is planned to reach 10,000 units per month.


Dealers and Agents – Extensive Network - The Company currently has 17 dealers and 7 agents servicing Canada, USA, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Management noted on March 5th that it is currently in discussions to add new representatives for the territories of England, China, and some countries in Africa.


This past week, management also announced that it will be showcasing its long-haul transport HG1 25 and 45 series units and its HG2 1 and 25 series units at the TruckWorld 2018 trade show in Toronto on April 19-21.


Two factors keep me very interested in this company’s shares. First is the size of the markets and secondly the really hefty gross profit margins per unit. As this company scales up production, assuming profit margin metrics hold up, it’s really difficult to see how shareholders won’t enjoy a huge upside from the company’s current share price.

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Recent Company news regarding markets and product updates:


- April 12, 2018 dynaCERT Receives Top Gold Award in 2018 Edison Awards for Vehicle Advancements


- April 10, 2018 dynaCERT Expands its Dealer Network in the Middle East with Mr. Maheboob Nagji and Closes Second Tranche of Equity Private Placement


- March 5, 2018dynaCERT Official Launch of HydraGEN™ at TRUCKWORLD 2018


- March 2, 2018dynaCERT Provides India, Europe and Corporate Update


- Feb 27, 2018dynaCERT Provides Update re India Matters


Note: Once testing is completed in India, satisfying decision makers in that market that dynaCERT is able to provide results in India similar to what the PIT Group has already verified for North America, the potential for a major sales related catalyst event is in-play. The All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC), whose members manage over 10 million trucks and 5 million buses in the India market, is keenly awaiting results as India is in desperate need of dynaCERT’s technology to mitigate harmful air pollution.



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