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Coordinated Psyop Apparently Initiated in Canada to Shift the Overton Window Regarding Mandated Vaccines

  • Media outlets in Canada have suddenly pushed what was previously considered unthinkable, forced vaccinations, into the realm of normal discourse.

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NEW YORK, NY, January 7, 2022 /Sector Newswire/


Psyop (Psychological Operations) defined:

Source Merriam Webster;  “military operations usually aimed at influencing the enemy's state of mind through noncombative means (such as distribution of leaflets).”


Overton Window defined:

The Overton Window is a model for understanding how ideas in society change over time and influence politics. The core concept is that politicians are limited in what policy ideas they can support — they generally only pursue policies that are widely accepted throughout society as legitimate policy options. These policies lie inside the Overton Window. Other policy ideas exist, but politicians risk losing popular support if they champion these ideas. These policies lie outside the Overton Window.


A shift in the Overton Window is facilitated when topics/policies that have historically been completely out of consideration as possible outcomes (considered almost absurd), within a range of possibilities, are brought into the public discourse so as to condition the populace into the acceptability of the occurrence within the range of plausible considerations.


The Overton Window can both shift and expand, either increasing or shrinking the number of ideas politicians can support without unduly risking their electoral support. Sometimes politicians can move the Overton Window themselves by courageously endorsing a policy lying outside the window, but this is rare. More often, the window moves based on a much more complex and dynamic phenomenon, one that is not easily controlled from on high: the slow evolution of societal values and norms. Psyops are employed to accelerate the timeframe.


Going into this weekend major news outlets in Canada, pushed a narrative in a coordinated fashion that appear to shift or shape the notion of mandatory vaccinations for the entire populace of Canada within the Overton Window;


Provinces are likely to introduce mandatory vaccination policies in the coming months to deal with surging COVID-19 caseloads, Canada’s Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said on Friday January 7, 2022.


"What we see now is that our health care system in Canada is fragile, our people are tired, and the only way that we know to get through COVID-19, this variant and any future variant, is through vaccination," Duclos said.


Duclos said that while rapid tests, masking and social distancing are useful tools, they won't end the pandemic on their own.


"Fifty per cent of hospitalizations now, in Quebec, are due to people not having been vaccinated," he said. "That's a burden on health care workers, a burden on society which is very difficult to bear and for many people difficult to understand.


"That's why I'm signalling this is a conversation which I believe provinces and territories, in support with the federal government, will want to have over the next weeks and months."


Coordinated media narrative ensued:


CTV News (January 7, 2022): Mulling the idea of mandatory vaccination in Canada




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CBC News (January 7, 2022): Provinces could make vaccination mandatory, says federal health minister




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City News (January 7, 2022): Canada’s Health Minister believes mandatory vaccines are coming




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