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News Release -  January 5, 2016 11:30 AM ET 



New Carolin Gold Corp. Receives Noteworthy Endorsement as Top Canadian Pick for 2016 -- Advancing High-impact Plan to Affirm Historic 728,429 oz Gold with Bluesky Motherlode Potential 150km East of Vancouver


NEW YORK, NY, January 5, 2016 /Sector Newswire/ - New Carolin Gold Corp. (TSX-V: LAD) (OTC: MDULF) has been identified in newly issued research analysis by Mr. Rick Mills, Managing Director at 'Ahead of the Herd'. Mr. Mills has been following New Carolin Gold Corp. for his subscriber base for ~1 year and his latest analysis falls on the heels of an advisory from mining analyst Jay Taylor of Hard Money Advisors Inc, whom has made it one of his Top Canadian Picks for 2016. New Carolin Gold Corp. is a Canadian-based mineral exploration mining company advancing its Ladner Gold Project located only 150 km East of Vancouver, BC, Canada, in the Coquihalla Gold Belt. With a current market capitalization under $4 million (~80M shares outstanding X 5 cents) both Rick Mills and Jay Taylor believe LAD.V presents a significant opportunity for investors that understand the opportunity the Company presents. The project is host to 5 past producing mines and a high-grade underground historic (non 43-101) resource at the Caroline Mine of 728,429 gold ounces (2009 estimate of potential quantity: 5+ million tonnes grading 4.2 - 4.8 g/t gold, or ~1 million tonnes grading 8 - 9 g/t gold) -- the Company currently has an inferred resource on the property in excess of 600,000 ounces that it is in the process of improving upon.*


Recommendation 1) Rick Mills of Ahead of the Herd:


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"The report [May-2015 Technical Report] also discussed a prior estimate of the potential quantity and grade of gold mineralization for just the Carolin Zone and states...”An internal New Carolin report, completed in April 2009, has provided an estimate of the potential quantity and grade of gold mineralization for the Carolin zone. The potentialis; a range of 5.0 to 5.6 million tonnes, grading between 4.2 to 4.8 gpt gold at a 2.5 gpt gold grade cutoff, or between 0.9 to 1.1 million tonnes grading between 8.0 to 9.0 gpt gold, at a 5.0 gpt gold grade cutoff.”

Looking at the average of the numbers presented, at the higher 5 g/t cutoff (because it’s more in line with historical head grades), one million tonnes of ore times 8.5 g/t equals 8,500,000 grams or 274,193 ozs of gold.


Consider the Greenstone-hosted quartz-carbonate vein Contact Lake Mine in remote Northern Saskatchewan, Canada;
“Minable reserves are 1.3 million tonnes averaging 8 grams gold per tonne, which is equivalent to 337,000 oz. (10.5 million grams). These are contained within a 600-metre-long zone extending to vertical depths ranging from 180 to 280 metres. In addition, the property hosts geological reserves estimated at 194,000 oz. (6.03 million grams). Gold production is expected to average 60,000 oz. (1.87 million grams) per year over a mine life of six years. The operating cash cost is expected to be about US$210 per oz., and the capital cost of developing the project is projected at $36 million.”  ...

I’m going to suggest to my readers that New Carolin Gold Corp TSX.V – LAD is not looking for a mineable gold deposit…they might already have one just outside Hope BC.

So, the question becomes, and remember to consider how much exploration potential their Coquihalla Gold Camp has, ‘how much more gold will LAD find?’

In your author’s opinion New Carolin Gold Corp TSX.V - LAD is going to soon claim 100% ownership of its Ladner gold property – the Coquihalla Gold Camp. A gold camp that, as we’ve seen, has a potential mineable deposit already and much discovery potential.

LAD is, in your author’s opinion, one of those juniors with exceptional, and as of yet, undiscovered value.
Is New Carolin Gold Corp TSX.V – LAD, and its Coquihalla Gold Camp, on your radar screen? If not, maybe it should be."

- R. Mills, Ahead of the Heard, December-2015


Recommendation 2) Jay Taylor of Hard Money Advisors:


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"In my view, given its current share price, I like its chances and the risk/reward tradeoff in light of all of what was discussed above. That’s why this seasoned newsletter writer, who saw a company named Carolin Mines sell for $60 a share 30 years ago and thinks the odds are good enough for outlining a major gold deposit now, also thinks that buying this stock at or around its current price of less than US$0.05 is a very worthwhile speculative investment."

- J. Taylor November, Q4-2015


Mining analyst Jay Taylor of Hard Money Advisors released his advisory to his paid subscriber base on the merits of establishing a long position in LAD.V and classified it as 'BUY'. Mr. Taylor has a business MBA in Finance & Investment, in-depth accredited studies in geology, has decades of mining sector analysis under his belt, and is known for being reserved in his advice.


Jay Taylor also took the opportunity to interview New Carolin Gold Corp.'s CEO, President, and Director, Bob Thast about the opportunity for investors establishing a long position in New Carolin Gold Corp.; the 25 minute audio interview may be listened to at online.  In the interview Mr. Thast discussed many facets of the project that make the Company an exceptional value proposition and challenged listeners to compare anything else in the market and measure it up to what New Carolin has to offer.


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* The current Carolin Mine Inferred Mineral Resource is reported, at a 2.0 gpt gold cutoff grade, as 2,589,000 tonnes grading 3.34 gpt gold (estimating a total gold resource of 278,000 oz). A second Inferred Mineral Resource was estimated as well, at a 0.5 gpt gold cut-off grade, to reflect open pit mining potential. This estimate was 12,132,000 tonnes grading 1.53 gpt gold and containing a total gold resource of 607,000 oz.
The current McMaster Zone Inferred Mineral Resource is reported at a 0.5 gpt gold cut-off grade to acknowledge itʼs open pit potential. This estimate was 3,575,000 tonnes grading 0.69 gpt gold and containing a total gold resource of 79,540 oz.
The current Tailings deposit Indicated Mineral Resource estimate is reported, at a 1.0 gpt gold cut-off, as 445,000 tons grading 0.053 oz/ton gold and containing 24,000 oz. gold. The current Inferred Mineral Resource for this deposit, at the same 1.0 gpt gold cut-off, is 93,000 tons grading 0.053 oz/ton and containing 5,000 oz. gold.

Any reference to recourses that are "historic (non 43-101)" and any references to "estimate of potential quantity" are not to be relied upon for investment purposes; the Historic (non-43-101) Athabasca Gold resource was 1,124,040 t at 4.31 g/T Measured, 1,393,460 t at 4.28 g/T Indicated, 2,569,540 t at 4.61 g/T Inferred. The Century Mining 2009 estimate of potential quantity is referenced from a May-2015 Technical Report filed on SEDAR.






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