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News Release -  October 7, 2016 5:12 AM ET 



dynaCERT to Present Carbon Emission Reduction Technology to Special Member of Parliament Event



NEW YORK, NY, October 7, 2016 /Sector Newswire/ - dynaCERT Inc. (TSX-V: DYA) (US Listing: DYFSF) this week announced the company held a ribbon cutting at its new facility on October 5, 2016 and that a special Member of Parliament/dynaCERT reception is scheduled to be held on October 19th, 2016 where dynaCERT will be presenting its carbon emission reduction technology to MPPs, media, investment advisors and bankers. This news falls on the heals of a Company update issued last week in which it confirmed possession of a newly built out (~8,000 square foot) facility expansion designed for a monthly capacity of 2,000 units per eight-hour shift for the assembly of the HydraGen™ units. 


dynaCERT Inc. is increasingly demonstrating Tesla-like potential as it advances its proprietary HydragenTM H2/O2 technology on two fronts, both with potential to change the world for the better, helping slow climate change, and handsomely reward shareholders. Currently trading near 80 cents Canadian per share DYA.V presents tremendous opportunity; analyst Jay Taylor of Hard Money Advisors earlier this year had a ~$1.40/share near-term price target for once the Company begins generating meaningful cash flow -- it appears that time is now fast approaching. With carbon credit pricing now being mandated by the Federal Government, dynaCERT is uniquely positioned to excel at the opportunity, expected to be the first able to provide immediate and affordable government sanctioned solutions to business. Additionally, like Tesla, dynaCERT is advancing development and testing of its technology with grants from the government (translation: no shareholder dilution). dynaCERT's unique hydrogen production technology is ubiquitous in nature and can be applied to improving applications in numerous industries.


Currently the Company is documenting via an accredited 3rd-party validation process the dramatic effectiveness of its flagship carbon emission reduction and fuel-saving H2/O2 technology -- the potential for investors is tremendous as the solutions the Company provides are enormous and global in scale. An Ontario University facility was engaged by dynaCERT in cooperation with the government to verify what the Company has already demonstrated on diesel engines in the field; a proven reduction of toxic gasses within the emissions by 30% to 40% all while improving fuel economy of ~10% to 15%. The lab is also tasked with helping to establishing the carbon-credits that businesses qualify for by purchasing and employing the technology.


On August 25, 2016 the Company provided an operational update and stated "Third Party Testing: As required by the Ontario Government's requirement for a validation process to ensure qualification under any of the Provincial or Federal Government's programs, an extensive schedule of third party testing was undertaken to validate and determine proper flow rates of its flagship HydraGen™ product for Class 8 trucks. These tests were completed at the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology, a facility deemed an "Automotive Centre of Excellence" for both fuel savings and Carbon Emission Reductions. Two different Class 8 trucks with HydraGen™ units were placed on a Chassis dynamometer which produced extensive readings for various emissions and fuel efficacy. These tests provided over 550 pages of valuable data. The Company, along with third party engineers, are reviewing and analyzing the data. A formal report will be completed soon.


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Excerpt from recent (October 6, 2016) news release from dynaCERT:


dynaCERT Honored by Dr. Shafiq Qaadri, Member of Provincial Parliament


TORONTO-ON--(Marketwired - October 6, 2016) -   dynaCERT Inc. (TSX VENTURE: DYA) (OTC: DYFSF) ("dynaCERT" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that management and directors welcomed Dr. Shafiq Qaadri, MPP Etobicoke North, and Mr. Peter Murphy, Executive Assistant.

Dr. Shafiq Qaadri, MPP was present last evening for the official opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of the new product assembly plant located at 501 Alliance Avenue, Toronto where the assembly of our flag ship product, the HydraGen™, for Class 6, 7, and 8 trucks will take place.

David Bridge, Chief Operating Officer (COO), provided a facility tour of the engineering department, the product assembly plant and executive offices.

Jim Payne, President & CEO, also welcomed East West Fuel Strategies Inc., Lyte Energy, consultants and Paul Bhullar, President, and CEO of the IFS Group of Companies. Mr. Bhullar spoke highly of his experiences with the HydraGen™ test units which have been operating on his Class 8 diesel transport trucks for several months and he is pleased to be involved with a company and technology that, as he stated, will become a major contributor in "Saving the Planet."

During the event Dr. Qaadri, MPP congratulated dynaCERT and its staff for their commitment in making a difference in the Carbon Economy and presented Jim Payne with an Ontario Flag that dynaCERT will proudly display.

Jim Payne stated, "We are thrilled at the commitment and support from Dr. Qaadri, MPP, along with Provincial Government officials, for our efforts in making a true difference in the world that we all love and share."

Upcoming Event
dynaCERT Inc. has graciously accepted an invitation, supported by Dr. Qaadri, MPP to be present at Queen's Park for a Member of Parliament/dynaCERT reception to be held on October 19th, 2016 where dynaCERT will be presenting our technology representing our "Carbon Emission Reduction Technology" to MPPs, media, investment advisors and bankers.

dynaCERT Inc. is fully disclosed at this time.

About dynaCERT Inc.
dynaCERT Inc. manufactures, distributes, and installs Carbon Emission Reduction Technology for use with internal combustion engines. Our patent-pending technology creates hydrogen and oxygen on-demand through electrolysis and supplies these additives through the air intake to enhance combustion, resulting in lower carbon emissions and greater fuel efficiency. Our technology is currently in use with on-road applications. More information can be found at
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